Summer to-do: day 8- swap and donate clothes 


Get ‘er done! 

 Get it all done. So far I’ve worked through two rooms, top to bottom. I  flipped mattresses, washed drapes, emptied all drawers and purged the closet in the master bedroom. 

I rearranged the dressing room, purged that too, put all shoes away properly and cleaned/ polished them. Took items to a clothing swap and we donated all the rest of the items to a Clothing Drive for Syrian refugees. Amazing stuff. Pre-swap we had soooo much stuff.  

Post event we were amazed at how many things we were taking to the donation bank. Keeping things out of landfills and helping both the community and environment always puts a spring in my step. 

 This is just half of the yet-unfolded clothing to be sent to a new home. 

Before chucking your pre-loved items, consider hosting a swap. 

Xo Ali


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