Summer to-do: Day 8


Purging. Skirts. Dresses.  Re-hanging and sorting through the closet.   

  One unit will house all the bottoms.  Pants folded below. Skirts from short to long, with a few palazzo pants at the end. With a glass of wine in hand, it’s whistling work.   Bottoms up!

 In the built-in closet, dresses are still overflowing, but now they go in order of length and shoulder/sleeve or strap type. To remind me what I’d like to wear soon, I turned the hangers around- for those days when you don’t know what to wear.  


Fixed loose and gaping baseboard with a glue gun and white nail polish.  

 Today has been busy: overall, I also did some garden tending, paid bills, answered email, changed and installed new curtain rods in the dressing room. Goal: finish that room by midweek and paint the wall! I have one whole room down (all the drawers in the master were sorted and reorganized by the end of the weekend). 


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