Summer To-Do: Day 3. Update the Footprint 


AKA: transform the Dressing Room. I was psyched to get an extra bedroom in my house. It meant that I could fulfill my childhood/adult fantasy of having a dress-up/dressing room. The room has certainly been shaping up.

The early photos reveal a nice, but rather make-shift walk-in closet room.

The original colour was a vibrant (read: horrific) purple. Gorgeous, right? Wrong. Plus, this is an old moving-in picture, and features a pile of random mattress covers and wallpaper samples piled on the floor. Obviously the first thing to go was the wall colour. And that lasted for a few years, with basically the same layout. Add a few lamps and fixtures, and… voila.

With some boudoir pics (top photo) to add a bit of mystique, and some free-standing IKEA closet units, the place was looking pretty good.  I was happy with it… for a while. But, then I got to painting (the vanity bottom left… a large dresser… and then I got married and my wife brought some new furniture into the mix. And I got antsy again. So, this is the new layout, which reveals the fact that I only wallpapered as far as the closets required. And I’ve updated the chandelier, added a few new touches, and with the new floor plan, comes a new paint project. Stay tuned! 

Here is just a snippet of what it will look like with a bit of elbow grease (me dragging huge wardrobes around, solo).   


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