Friday … Saturday. Sweet Jesus. 


What does it say about me that the highlight of a great GREAT weekend is an icecream cone. Sweet Jesus to be specific. They have a soft serve dipped in crushed cookies and caramel and brownie,  and … It lives up to its name. I can’t wait to try all their flavours. 

After a long workday, and delicious homemade raspberry pie as lunch-dessert, we went out to a hotel party, met some charmingly loquacious gents and then ended up at Betty’s.    
Betty’s has a second floor with a tin can and string pulley system to order drinks. 

 From the hotel we could see all of Toronto’s city hall. Saturday was a sleep in morning and then I went to see a friend in a production of The Skriker, followed by King’s Crown nachos at Sneaky Dee’s.    

It was a perfectly sweet Saturday. 

 Sunday was all about balayage. At my friend’s salon, Blonde, for a staff training … Which means new hair. And some Beyoncé Face Swap. And a crepe. And a picture of my cat.   Time for another work week. 


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