Start with brunch, a double date to L’ouvrier. This is the same delicious place where we had our engagement photos taken. See more:

Today we had French toast and a potato rosti with smokes salmon and arugula.   

Oh, and half a dozen oysters to share. Our friends’ food looked so yummy that they insisted it deserves its own photo. 

Sleek industrial-rustic. If you get a chance, eat at this Toronto gem.   

Next, to Kensington market for herbs and food stuff, like turmeric and fresh breads.    

And churros!!!! This was a say ‘yes’ day. The man serving up the churros made my day by continuing to speak Portuguese to me, even when mine was broken. I don’t get much chance to practice and my vocab is dwindling. Know what I will never have trouble understanding? Dulce de leche, condensed milk and chocolate. 

Pure delight.   

The cocktail emporium was our next stop, to pick out some early birthday treats – like bitters sampling packs and ginger syrups. 

This, of course, inspired a desire to make ou way along Queen Street West, where a drink at Lisa Marie helped to break up our walk. 

I used to say I ‘ never win anything,’ but that doesn’t seem true anore. I won – just by buying a drink. And we, my wife and I, remarked input usual way that life is pretty wonderful. 

Last but not least, we went to Nuvango.  
Nuvango is a great Canadian startup that features the work of artists, printed on high quality, beautifully fitting leggings. The patterns are vivid and unique and the artists are paid for their designs, while the product is all produced equitably. They also have kickass phone cases in a huge array of artist designed patterns. 

With love, I gotta say, this Sunday beats a super bowl party any day! 


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