Stylin’ Shower


today was full of showers- literal and figurative. Our friends are due very soon and their wonderful web developer friend hosted a shower at her sleek studio. Though the weather was rainy, we were all smiles inside.  

 It was family friendly and there were loot bags for little ones, with a whole room of toys and activities. 

Mum-to-be, K, looks radiant as ever!  

Food was plentiful and a gourmande’s delight. 
 The studio is full of places to hang out and look cool – and do amazing work, so I suspect. 

  Our nieces were totally entertained. We were treated to great conversation and libations.   And we discovered that our niece is. Budding photographer. She even knows how to change filters.  She isnt even three. 
  These are the highlights from her hundred-photo burst. It makes me feel lucky that I have such awesome friend and family’s- and that an event many people dread is a complete pleasure.    

 Our hostess just happens to be a T.Swift doppelgänger. Just sayin.  Cheers to all the folks expecting wonderful bundles. 




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