Turn, Turn, Turn


I was recently reading an article that claimed every fashion-lover worth her salt had some shared traits… one of them: they pick out their outfits in advance. While some people watch trash-tv, and others go for a jog, I like to bust stress by playing dress-up and planning a few good outfits so that the upcoming days involve less thinking.

In the spirit of inspiration, I grabbed a few magazines and earmarked a few great looks to copy. Heading into exams at work, I need to be able to get dressed, sans fuss; directly on the heels of that exam stretch: first day of school. Semester 2 starts. In that flurry of course changeover … the last thing I want to worry about is what to wear.

Here’s my happy distraction: Fashion Procrastination. Under each publication are the looks I plan to replicate.    


Here, I love the deep side part in the hair and the citrus shade paired with a pinafore-style dress.  

 Because many of these are spring outfits, I will be pulling out Blazers, tights and sweaters to pair up with these starter outfits and make them winter-ready. Though winter today is a laughable  8 degrees above zero.




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