StyleSaVie Does NYC – day one

Foodie, Indulge

I was so lucky. Timing was perfect. My wife got sent on business (to go and interview the cast of Vinyl, the new HBO series) and I was able to make a weekend of it. This never happens. But, for one time only, we had a weekend away together and it was super inexpensive. Stay tuned for the four days of whirlwind fun.

Day One

At Toronto Pearson Airport, YYZ, we were ready to head out. Hats are my travel buddy. Even though they are a bit of a pain to carry on the plane itself, they save whatever is going on from the eyebrows up, and keep me feeling pulled together. Allia’s hair was a hit, here and abroad. She had no less than eleven shout outs on the streets – from admiring hair fans. One man in Manhattan, who looked rather tough, completely stopped in his tracks, put one hand flamboyantly onto his hip and declared ‘girl. I love your hair. mmmm hmmmmm. God bless,’ then he melted away into the cold day, leaving us grinning. 

High flyer airport cocktails and a journal ready for filling.

Easy, cheap jewellery (no fuss if it gets lost or damage), but again, it got some love on our trip. No one would ever know it was a $11 sale item from The Bay. 
After we landed, we cabbed it to the Hilton Garden Inn, near Times Square, and walked off our airplane lungs and legs in a late night stroll around the square. People say that New Yorkers are harsh and chilly. Not so. We always have such pleasant interactions. I chose my mom’s vintage coat (she wore it during her pregnancy with me, 33 years ago) for the trip. I sewed a fur collar onto it years ago, which helps make it perfect for cutting wintery wind. The belted waist also adds some shape.
  I think of all the Law and Order I have watched whenever I see the NYPD.

  The divide between yellow cabs and Uber is ever-present. We split our time between the two.
Obviously, the Delorean is waiting, gull-wings up, for photo ops. What first night in the city would be complete without a slice of pizza. Just off Times Square, we are big fans of the cheap and delicious pizza from Bella Vita. It was flavourful and an amazing bedtime snack.

Tomorrow’s promise: celebs, shopping, great food and some romance, too.


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