Ho-ho-hipster holidays 


There is no room for shame during the holidays, not about all the eggnog and cookies and belt loosening and certainly not about being a bit of a hipster.

Embrace it. I did. Cause who isn’t a bit of a Hipster at Hallmark moments? And who’s above a little self-deprication when it turns out we all have a bit of a penchant for ironic holiday choices (this might tie in pretty well with all those ironic fashion choices)?

Signs you might be a seasonal hipster:

You’ve Instagramed your holiday decor…  

your taxidermy is wearing a Santa hat and your pets have ugly sweaters. Your air plant vignette has elves hidden in it. You’re on Pinterest, regularly looking for updates for your Christmas style (* this could also qualify you as several other subcategories of Christmas celebrant, see Martha Stewart-Adherent, Overachieving Mom,… )

You’ve attempted,  or resurrected, some elborate holiday ritual/ tradition that you’ll tell your friends about. 

– cutting down your own tree, Christmas baking and themed dinners. You’ve organized a cookie swap, a Secret Santa party, a bad-Santa re-gifting party and an ‘Orphan’ party/brunch/dinner. You are also attending a Hanukkah party.

Your culinary attempts are all VERY tongue in cheek 

-beer can Turkey, making eggnog from scratch and elaborate sides like candied bacon and …. Well, you get the picture.

You own several ugly Christmas sweaters and don’t just wear them for the official party.

– same goes for onesies.

Your ornaments are carefully selected from craft breweries, handmade markets and children… Or look like they were. 


 the colour scheme is either effortlessly perfect or matches not at all. Bonus points for terrariums, carnival lights and woodland creatures.

All your wrapping is fair trade, local or handmade and your cards are from local artisans/ artist. You support local. Obviously. (and that’s a good thing).

definitely on recycled paper. Probably small batches, and likely to have moustaches, cats or pop culture references. Also featuring inside jokes. Like these wicked designs from Flakes Paperie (I just discovered these fine folks at the One of a Kind Show. You should check out their AMAZING stock on their website! I got my wife a few of these cards for upcoming occasions. They are beautiful and will put a huge smile on your face).


Last on your list, but definitely somewhere on your list, between being awesome and surprising your nearest and dearest with whimsical, skillfully curated gifts and goodies, you’re also making the world a better place, so you’ve purchased a goat, chickens or something wonderful for someone less fortunate… like the ones available here.


That’s something to feel good about.

So, how hip are you? Share more signs in the comments below 

Xo Ali


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