DIY, style

i love free shit. Samples. Love em. Gifts.  Loooove them. Surprises.  Love them, too. 

I have always expected to pay my own way, knowing even before I knew that I’d marry a woman that marrying anyone who’d ‘take care of me’ wasn’t my style. 

But I’m a frugal girl. Raised my a discerning father who taught me to save. So, when I first discovered clothing swaps I was in heaven. 

I’ve since attended and hosted many a swap. People often ask how I seem to have an endless wardrobe… Part of the trick is creativity and being willing to look in unusual places… Like the bin (yes, a literal bin) FULL of gorgeous, gently used clothes from a colleague’s friend. Can you really get something for nothing? Yes. Here is what good vibes and social-Eco consciousness can get you: 

Even if I just wear this blinked out halter once ( Hellooo bachelorette party) before passing it on, it can be a ton of fun to wear something unexpected that you’d never pick out yourself. 

I love a retro bow blouse with a chain pattern  and the peplum top below is a classic. 

 This pink skirt goes with so many things in my closet and although it will require some opaque black tights to make it more wearable – I just happen to have some.   
Truly excited about my new finds! Especially the numerous Victoria’s Secret bras (not pictured here)! 

When something in your closet no longer rings your bell, ring some friends and set up a swap. No snobs allowed. 

Xo Al 


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