Where Have You Been? DIY Map Board 


I am a traveller. I have been on the move since I was a child and have been charting my course with my newly completed words map cork board. 

This easy Do It Yourself project has been on my radar for ages. The simple steps:

Get yourself a cork board with a frame in a size and style you like. 

Spray paint or brush paint it in a colour you like. Affix hanging hardware to the back of the board. 

Measure it and find a map that suits you and fits the frame. I love this sepia old-fashioned hue. 

Then get yourself two kinds of tacks, some metallic ones to mount the map evenly spaced around the edge and a decorative type to mark where you have been. I chose clear ones because they still let he map beneath them stay visible. 

Tips: Smooth it out before you start pinning. Pin just beside the place names so they are legible. 

 And voila! Next in our travel list: Portugal, Iceland and Ireland. 


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