Happy Halloween: Tin Man Costume DIY


It’s Halloween again, my very favourite holiday! I am going out this year with some friends as the cast of The Wizard of Oz. I’m taking on the Tin Man!



This realistic film version of Tin Man is pretty intricate and I’m going to be going for a more representational nod to the character (also more feminine). With my posse I’m sure it will all make sense!


I’m going to steal the brilliant idea that this little guy had (or his parent) and get some dryer venting materials to add to my ensemble.

Other material: funnel. Hat. Ax. Tape.    



Make up is where I get to be really creative. I can go for the authentic film version, or… take a looser interpretation for the evening’s festivities!


There are a few options out there. Both seem awesome!

And the final result:   

Wicked Witch with cell phone. Very 2015. 

Colonel Saunders joined the merry bunch. There’s no thing like friends!  


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