Gold Star: Awards Gala

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Gold Star: Awards Gala
Tomorrow night marks the one year anniversary of my first award as a Teacher. Last fall I received the Harmony Educator Award, a provincial award that recognizes contributions to improving our schools and advocating for inclusion, equity and celebrations of diversity. I was the individual recipient, while Jer Dias of Jer’s Vision was awarded the prize for corporate activism or an organization that improves the lives of young people, with a particular focus on equity. It was one of my proudest moments. 

This year, the Harmony Movement will honour a new batch of individuals and professionals. 

So when the invite says Gala … A public employee knows that means – look like you made an effort – but definitely know that the most important part of the night is about honouring the ideas and celebrating the words that are a source of change and inspiration. Especially when those ideas and words find their way into action. 
Things are Getting Better. 

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