Paper Flowers, Paper Hearts, Chopsticks and Spoons: Get Artsy with your Walls

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I have been pinning fun DIY projects for a rainy day… and the recent trend (on my Pinterest board) is paper and recycled materials used for wall art.

Here are my favourites:

I’m obsessed with the very pricey Juju hats from Cameroon… and have always wanted one for my wall. Until I get over to Cameroon for a real one, both to expand my cultural knowledge and to support the local economy, I might have to make do with a paper version that is almost as lovely.

African-juju-hat-white-feathers-DIY-tutorial-songbirdblog 7-DIY-african-juju-hat-feather-wall-art- diy-juju-hat-mantel-decoration-via-Songbirdblog

The site The Enchanted Petal has some beautiful paper DIY projects, including a step by step for making these great pieces.

Wall Flower - Statement Wall - Stein Your Florist Co. Wall Flower - glue cone placement - Stein Your Florist Co.

Similarly, you can create beautiful wysteria flowers … to make your home look like an Anthropologie floor display:

img_6739 onlineplantguide1

Check out the handy tutorial here.

If you’re into ornate mirrors, try making a sunburst mirror from chopsticks, or … spoons. Cut the tops off the spoons and spray paint them for a great textured piece.

23df365d6d444d6d87fb3affacda4617 8a89f073fff99d79d26fd7910ae09e64

10fbf33579252095f3505b9c11893cf3 3ebb9fd340f3268fe385260f48799635

Paper is also a party perfect friend for easy festive decorations. Although you can buy ready-made pom poms made of tissue paper, there are a multitude of options for online instruction.


Last, but not least, paper hearts make great decor items when framed. We had optioned having a paper-heart guest book at our wedding and then framing all the signed hearts as a memento from our day.

d99a8f6d7d55c7d2833f3bc231ec2098 Framed+hearts+2

images 5baec3e2ded899f47a05da339d35bca0

As the days get colder, make some tea or hot cocoa (or wine, let’s be honest) and get crafting!


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