Global Femme – Powder Room

DIY, Home Sweet
Global Femme - Powder Room
People said, “Don’t paint your powder room an obnoxious colour.” I assume by ‘obnoxious’ (see also, bold, vibrant, individual) they meant fuscia, the bold, unsellable to anyone but you, shade of raspberry that I chose for our main floor bathroom. I promptly ignored this advice and painted the walls ‘Fandango’. Every bit as dramatic as the name.
In this small space, with white toilet and pedestal sink, chrome faucet and taps, the punchy colour is overwhelming… in the best way possible. So, I didn’t stop there: I loaded every wall with framed photos, everything from pictures of our parents as glowing youth, photos of the cat, magazine tear sheets and anything that caught our fancy. Throw in a gorgeous hand woven towel from Greece, white with flecks of red, green, yellow, pink; a scarf (also hand-woven) from India, in white, but bordered in purple, red and other lush hues, with tassels at one end – made into a window treatment; the vanity mirror is a black painted wood frame, intricately carved; purple glass votives and bud vases line the window sill. It’s over the top, but somehow really works.
It’s always evolving and new pieces find their way to the wall as we acquire them. Don’t be afraid of colour, especially not in tiny spaces.

Global Femme – Powder Room by jc-alison featuring colored glass vases

Zuzunaga op art
140 CAD –

John Robshaw beach towel
105 CAD –

John Robshaw beach towel
105 CAD –

TTYA cotton beach towel

The Beach People cotton bath towel
145 CAD –

Cultural Intrigue bath accessory
18 CAD –

Van Verre water carafe
84 CAD –

Baroque mirror
450 CAD –

Dermond Peterson wall art
360 CAD –

Torre Tagus colored glass vase
46 CAD –

White wall art

Black frame
155 CAD –

Evive Designs flower wall art
225 CAD –

Handmade basket
63 CAD –

1.03 CAD –


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