Fall fashion inspiration- the combat boot


Black boots are my best friend. Forget diamonds. I have a few standby pairs. 

Black lace up Frye combat boots are on deck. Black buckled stack heel Frye Veronica’s are in rotation. I have a knee high black Frye riding boot, at the ready. Sensing a trend? 

I turned thirty and realized I was too old to buy disposable, cheaply made, crappy footwear. They made my feet hurt. They fell apart in no time. 

So, the magazines say combat boots for fall. I’m in. No questions asked. The real question is, in a fashion landscape where anything goes (climate depending) what do you want to put on your feet? 

Lately I’ve been loving Revolve’s selection of footwear. But Frye, for comfort and durability, gets my brand loyalty every time. 

I present Frye’s fall lineup. Not for the Carrie Bradshaw in you. But definitely with a big price tag. Pun intended. 


 What is your go-to pick? 


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