Night at the Museum – With Cairo

Indulge, style

The Very Blustery Day

On a chilly Friday night, after a long week of going out every evening, we had the chance to go see our friend’s band, Cairo, play at the Royal Ontario Museum. The ROM opens its doors for evenings of live music, food and drink, all whilst enjoying the fossils, gems and artifacts, where people come to see and be seen with the art and culture from seven until the wee hours.

The ROM's historic building

The ROM’s historic building

Fall2015 659

Staircases encircle pieces of the past. This Totem Pole soars to 4 storeys.

Fall2015 666

Date night (with awesome guestlist – Thanks, Caitlin!).

Fall2015 663

Lit up for a night of exploring.

Fall2015 662

The DJ preps the crowd – Sanga Genesis.

Fall2015 661

Food stations, bars and a maze of flavours to experience were all interwoven with the exhibits.

Fall2015 687

In the band’s green room, someone had left their skeletons out.

Fall2015 669

Just hanging out with the zebra – my fave animal.

Fall2015 670

The bison is faux-chewing, while the rest of us are doing the real thing.

Our talented friend plays electric violin and adds her dreamy voice to the sound of Cairo, which is consequently – one of the most attractive bands I’ve ever laid eyes on. Their music filled the space and drew a crowd, and was followed by diverse acts such as DJ Sanga Genesis (clever!) who spun tracks that had our booties shaking, and downstairs in the main hall (beneath the brontosaurus skeleton) there was a live brass oldies band, Oldies 990.

Cutting the rug with Caitlin

Cairo takes the stage

A beautiful sonic moment

“With You” – just released in music video form. Chills.

Food included naan and butter chicken wraps, deconstructed sushi (served ironically beneath manatee and sharks in the sea life display area), mac ‘n cheese sandwiches, ostrich burger, beet burger, Indian tacos… and a whole host of other incredible nibbles. If you can get out to the ROM this fall/winter to soak up some of this fun… do it!

Fall2015 672

The space was filled with people, but the sheer expanse of the floor plan allowed us all to mingle and move freely.

Fall2015 671

Sushi served under the sea… creatures.

Fall2015 686

In his best party lighting.

Fall2015 684

Oldies 990 on the stage. We were cutting a rug and making new friends.

Fall2015 682

The crowd was loving the dance floor

Fall2015 681

Mac n’ cheese sandwich.

Fall2015 680

Great views.

Fall2015 676

Allia admiring the crystals.

Fall2015 675

New digital touch screens allow you to get more info on each of the specimen.

Fall2015 674

Or you could play Indiana Jones and take photos (sponsored by Ford) of yourself all decked out for adventure.

Check out Cairo’s new video… it’s a good one!


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