I want to live in Club Monaco


I used to live adjacent to the Royal Ontario Museum and often, on my way home from classes at U of T, wandered along the Bloor Street strip to eye the clothes that tuition kept out of range. I would look at the sale racks and find treasures that were just within my budget. It’s been years since I’ve lived there, and so much has changed.


The Royal Ontario Museum at Bloor and Avenue Road, Toronto


The ROM; my old neighbourhood.

I live in a new neighbourhood and now I’m able, more often, to afford the treats that catch my eye (being employed full-time will help in that department). Still a budget conscious girl, I watch and I wait. I’m getting good at knowing what I really need and what indulgences will truly satisfy.

One of my favourite old haunts was Club Monaco, but it’s been years since I’ve been inside one of their stores. Recently I set foot in the flagship store and, be still my heart… it is more beautiful than I remembered. They’ve updated the store, the line and – if I could be made into a liquid – I’d happily let myself be poured into any number of their store vignettes, clothes, couch, pillows and all. Preferably, ease me into the size 2 samples of sumptuous knits, tailored dresses, add a great bag, and then hit Ctrl + a few times.


Club Monaco welcomes you.


Every turn holds a well-curated feast for the eyes.


From the pendant light to the semi-gloss dark walls, mosaic floors and fresh greenery, they know how to make you feel aspirational.


A favourite handbag.


Come sit. Come get dressed. Come enjoy the fire. Come imagine your life in a couch like these, in boots like these, in a dress like this, in a store like this.


Raw wood pillars are display worthy in and of themselves, tall boots, glass, tufted couches, and everything but a crackling fire…


Fashion parade. Neutrals draw attention to the simplicity and timelessness of the pieces. Modern, but classic.


From floor to ceiling, the palette is cohesive.


I’ll take one light fixture, one top and one table.


Poufs. In case you had trouble picking between the pale leather jacket and the cashmere sweater.


They know how to do a visual display. I feel calmer even as my heart races.


Into the lower level, accessories and a gallery wall make the space feel like a really cool loft, rather than a cleverly, calculated feat of visual merchandising.


I want to live here.


Quirky art and perfectly chosen separates.



It must be said that I didn’t buy anything this day, but I did have a very strong urge to rearrange my furniture and hang some artwork.

Do you find inspiration for your home in your favourite clothing stores?


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