Into the Deep: Artist Profile – FRANCISCO CASTRO LOSTALO

Geysers - acrylic and resin - F Castro Lostalo (1)


I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean and what lies beneath. My rational/irrational fear (depending on what news you’re reading and how realistic you want to be about your chances of being killed due to cell-phone-related negligence/vehicular manslaughter/radiation) has always been sharks. But there is something so beautiful about sea life. I am especially drawn to the many legged creatures or ones with tendrils, like jelly fish, octopi and the like.

At the One of a Kind Show (2015), artist Francisco Castro Lostalo explored the depths of this inspiration with his larger than life (I hope) paintings.


Diva (S)

The colours of this octopus make such a statement. I never get tired of looking. Big impact. 


Scaled down, but no less beautiful – the whales.

Spring 2015 174

I snapped a photo at his OOAK booth to make sure I didn’t forget his name!

Spring 2015 173

The glossy enamel is a sleek way to finish this piece and keep it looking bold. I can’t wait to see what he has in store next year.


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