White Feather Designs: One of a Kind Artist Profile


At this year’s One of A Kind Show I was really blown away by how far the market has come in terms of representing diverse local artists. There are some really wonderful things going on there and the show just keeps getting better. For the next two weeks, I will be featuring independent designers and artists from the show, highlighting my favourites.

Spring 2015 185

White Feather Design’s set-up was sleek and stylish. My wife and I worked the booth for Breanne one evening and had no trouble talking about our love of all things WFD; we did have trouble, at times, keeping up with the demand. Her booth was popular and filled with enough great work to satisfy a wide variety of style palates. Always a good thing.

Spring 2015 193

Cheers-ing to a great gig where we got to meet friendly art-loving folks and supporters of local businesses, while talking about great jewelery.

White Feather Designs, by Breanne Morrow, is an obvious place to start with the Artist Profiles for several reasons: 1) Breanne is a supremely talented artist and an all-round lovely human.  2) She is an entrepreneur and mother who has managed to make the dream a reality by taking her designing full-time. 3) Her work is original and beautiful, with excellent quality and detail that is worth every penny.

Some not-to-be-missed designs include the Herkimer diamond studs, enamel necklaces with tassels, geometric necklaces and cuffs in a variety of materials, and amazingly light 3D-printed jewelery in Stainless Steel, Matte Black, Brass or Sterling Silver with a brushed finish.

Spring 2015 192

I was a huge fan of the finger rings that fit on various spots (traditional or above the knuckles) and can be endlessly mixed and matched.

Brass mix and match rings (available in several cool styles)

Brass stacking rings (available in several cool styles)

Spring 2015 190

Geometric pieces in sterling silver and other metals. Intricate, graphic and wear-with-anything. The chevron/arrow motif was one of my faves.

Spring 2015 189

This was the necklace design was THE one for me. I picked up a handmade copper, brass and enamel necklace with tassels. I also got one for my stylish Mama.

Spring 2015 188

These beauties are available in a wide array of colour combos, and can be found on the WFD Etsy page. https://www.etsy.com/listing/230144866/adjustable-enamel-tassel-necklace?ref=shop_home_active_12


Herkimer Diamond Studs


Enamel studs.


Geometric Studs, also available in hearts, octagons, circles, etc.

Spring 2015 186

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which piece is the fairest of them all? If any of these ended up in my stocking, on my finger, wrist, neck or wrapped as a surprise I’d be pleased as heck. Check out all of the awesomeness by following the links below, or follow WFD on Facebook to hear about deals, sales and new designs. https://www.facebook.com/pages/White-Feather-Designs-Jewellery/212067465525069




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