Mama Mia Me


“Mama Mia,

Here I go again. My my… ” Meryl Streep did look pretty awesome in the film, like a boho goddess. Damian Cooper: he’s enough to make me want an island romance (no offence, my love). And the island’s laid back, picturesque backdrop has been calling me since before the movie, and even before the live musical version hit Toronto, starring Camilla Scott, the former Canadian daytime talk show host ( Seriously, look it up.

So I’m going. Finally.

Wrong island. Right vibe. But, there should definitely be singing.

We are heading to Greece to celebrate a wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. I cannot wait to see the island of Santorini in person and my wife and I have treated ourselves to a gorgeous hotel for our stay.

El Greco, Santorini.

El Greco, Santorini.

El Greco's Pool, Santorini.

El Greco’s Pool, Santorini.

Apparently I will look like this when I lounge by their pool.

Apparently I will look like this when I lounge by their pool.

A piece of paradise. I can't wait to get lost here.

A piece of paradise. I can’t wait to get lost here.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Two days of wedding will get us geared up for a few more days of romance and heat.

Streetscape, Santorini.

Streetscape, Santorini.

What could be sweeter than the white buildings and turquoise of Greece, wine and olives and a killer wardrobe to make the whole thing feel like an editorial for some exotic travel magazine? We got a head start on our Santorini dreaming with our friends at, while styling and being photographed for their Summer release of their collection. The colours were vivid and incredible. I could happily wear every outfit that we shot yesterday. Stay tuned for an inside peek of their gems and the behind the scenes shots from our day in the sun.

From Toronto to Greece,

Kisses and enjoy the sun!


2 thoughts on “Mama Mia Me

    1. Sounds amazing! Take lots of pictures and do sing. I dare you. There is no better time to sing and play pretend than when it’s real! I’ll be walking the same streets so soon!

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