Equity First

Open Letters

It makes me so proud and humble to know that the job I do each day feels good for me, personally, but especially it warms my heart to know that I’m part of a profession that is prioritizing equity and inclusion.

OSSTF image002

Award Presentation, May 2015

I was so excited to hear that I’d been nominated and to receive the Inclusive Educator Award from OSSTF. It really is a sign that the things I’m passionate about are shared values in my line of work and that the support for equity continues to grow. I am inspired by my colleagues and students who are doing amazing things to promote and celebrate diversity. I’m just one of the many, many teachers, EAs, admin and support workers, helping to make inclusion and safe schools a reality for our kids. They motivate me and propel us towards the kind of culture where the intersectionality of the 7 Equity Lenses is inherently understood and taught as part of our basic education. The times, they are a changin’ and I feel lucky to be part of a generation that reaps the benefits of this progress, and helps to secure it for our future.

Thank you, OSSTF!

The 7 Equity Lenses - Halton District School Board.

The 7 Equity Lenses – Halton District School Board.


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