Style Sa Vie: My stylish lifestyle

Open Letters

This blog is about life lived with style. Stylishly – a style of living. Superficially this means beautifully, fully articulated and overflowing, and maybe also wearing an outfit, like armour, that makes you feel ready for the day. But lifestyle implies so much more, for me and many others, whose life still gets called a ‘lifestyle’ rather than simply our life. 

I am fortunate to live in a country that has helped to lead the way in equal rights, while our neighbours to the South say ‘Liberty and Justice for ALL,’ but don’t actually mean for everyone. One of the things I like about Canadians is that, with few exceptions, we accept and celebrate the rights of those around us to pursue their livelihood and relationships. I wish others well, even if I don’t believe what they believe, and – for the most part – this is reciprocated. Even when our worldviews seem at odds.

I was lucky, through no fault of my own, to have been born here. Geographically blessed. I could have been less lucky. I was born in a place where my desire to marry the love of my life was not only legal, but where I was supported in all the ways that a couple can dream of – with the love and support of my family and community.

We aren’t all there yet. Here is a beautiful PSA from PFLAG –  “Nobody’s Memories”; it shares the imagined hopes and dreams of all those who were never able to walk that aisle and have their love  witnessed, as a celebration of their commitment.


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