Bright On Time

Home Sweet


This photo sums up all my hopes and dreams for a room that feels like a vacation. The windows in our house are open for the first time in months. After a wretched winter, letting the sun shine in is exactly what the doctor ordered. No doctor I know, but I’m sure someone does.

A room like this would make staying home feel a bit tropical. I cannot wait for our weekend getaway to Prince Edward County. I’ve been cooped up inside and craving some light.

The ripe citrus colours, graphic pillows, playful patterns and the splash of colourful paint on canvas is just perfect. I am inspired to recreate that splotched, saturated pooling-paint painting – every time I see that effect I want a painting just like this.

I love a good shock of unexpected colour. Is there a particular colour that puts you in a happy place?

Photo courtesy of the internet: see more home decor images on my Pinterest page.

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