Moving Furniture is Genetic

Home Sweet, Indulge, style

Re-arranging, specifically furniture, runs in my family. On my mother’s side. I can’t go more than a few months without moving things around. People visiting are routinely treated to a double-take when things are reversed, separated, painted, flipped, and after a while, you can hardly imagine it wasn’t like this all along.

Really though, my mom, left unattended at my house, had rearranged all the kitchen and linen drawers, texting that she’d stopped herself short at moving large furniture items, only because she couldn’t do so without scratching the floor… or possibly because she felt it might be overstepping. My aunt, recently relocated to Niagara-on-the-lake, deliberately replaced all her previous furniture (heavy, solidly made pieces) with new, light Swedish farmhouse style pieces, for the express purpose of being able to move them on a whim.

photo 2

The open concept living area, with mirror (a pre-existing feature from the past owner) and lots of light.

After having all our ducts, dryer vent, etc., cleaned, the urge hit me to rid the whole main floor of dust. The vent guys paid us a wonderful compliment, saying that it was obvious that ‘cool’ (‘hip’ I think he said) people live here, and that he loved all our art. So, the newest incarnation of our living space involved separating the sectional and replacing a rich, woven tapestry with a lighter spring one, as well as flipping the vertical Ikea shelving units onto their sides.

photo 3 (1)

Felix loves the newly upholstered leather cushion for the ‘zen couch,’ which replaced the velvet cushions (major cat hair attraction). Hand-sewn fabric cushions are easily changed-up for a fresh look.

photo 3 (2)

I created large-scale art to brighten the space, featuring the lyrics from “Sugar Sugar” (one of our favourite songs). The shelving is home to records, ceramics, an “A” made from all the wine corks of our courtship, and the paper bouquets from our wedding.

photo 3

Felix loves a spot to stretch out, in front of the Urban Outfitters tapestry that makes its way from tablecloth, to bedspread to wall-hanging.

photo 4 (2)

Brutus, the controversial (to my mother) long-horn skull adds some macabre irony to our very feminine space. We like to imagine that he dialogues with Betsey (who now lives as an area rug). What I like, however, is that the skull was sourced from a friends farm where all parts of the animal are utilized and animals roam free in large pastures.

photo 4

A tagine hides the remotes, and colourful coasters protect the surface of Granddad’s WWII trunk.

photo 5 (1)

Separating the sectional gave us a nice new arrangement for hosting, or t.v. viewing.

photo 5

All lit-up: our custom ampersand and ‘A’ marquis lights help to illuminate the space in the evenings, and make the vintage cut crystal decanters sparkle. Mirrors make it possible for art to be seen from every angle.

photo 1 (1)

Chester, our girl-cat, isn’t quite sure about this arrangement.

photo 2 (1)

The dining table, and make-shift marking area, is warm and colourful, with art done, by request, by my mother.

photo 2 (2)

Looking back into the space from the dining room, the living areas are divided, but open.

At the very least, the benefit of all this moving around is a solid calorie burn, and thoroughly cleaned … everything. Plus, it reminds me that my wife loves me very much when she puts up no fuss at all as she comes home from work, only to find me requiring her help to put the finishing touches on our space.

What inspires you to move furniture?

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