Getting the Haircut you Want

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I’m pretty impulsive, so I get antsy when I have a few days in a row where my hair is uncooperative. I don’t have ‘great’ hair, like the kind that stops people on the street. But I’m lucky that I have hair that I don’t have to do much to in order to have it look pretty good. I’m spoiled.

I’ve had all lengths and colours, from jet black, to copper, to blonde, to Little-Mermaid Red. My poor locks have suffered. So, I put a moratorium on hair dying. Fortunately the ombre look has been enjoying its moment, thus, the grown-out colour is achieving this look accidentally-on purpose.

A while back I cut many inches off my post-wedding hair, to get rid of as much damage as I could.


April Wedding Hair (the ends had previously been black, then red, then blonde)

I created a Pinterest board for the purpose of gathering inspiration. I’ve heard that many stylists run into trouble when clients bring them no picture, say ‘do whatever’ (but don’t actually mean that), or bring them a picture of a celebrity who has completely different hair texture/thickness and expects to look like  that celeb (because secretly they’re asking for a different face – not just the hair surrounding it. I surmise the last part, because that’s what I do every time I fall in love with a super short dress – I imagine my legs will look incredible because the dress itself will transform me. Only a gym and sensible eating will deliver those kind of results.

The hair cut, however, is so much easier when you can show a stylist what you like about certain cuts and narrow it from there, along with your routine (how much time and effort you’ll actually) put into maintaining the cut. 
I first took Kristin (owner/stylist) at a few of these pinned images on my phone and told her the above details. Mainly, I don’t do much to my hair, want versatility, need to be able to pin it back for dance and the gym, and want to see how long I can go without dying it.  On my first visit, I showed her these:  
Kristin is great, not just because she listens, but because she reads between the lines. I got what I asked for, literally, and a cut that I could manage on my own without changing the

Quick shot after an after leaving the salon, going to brunch and walking around for the afternoon

Quick shot after an after leaving the salon, going to brunch and walking around for the afternoon

routines that let me get to work on time.

Oh, …and the cut lasted!
Months later, with the colour growing out significantly, I showed her a new batch of photos and got similarly accurate and smile inducing results.
Haircut #2 inspiration, all had the same long-bob and bangs look; I didn’t want to mess with the length, but wanted to colour to look more purposeful and harsh as my roots have been growing in. 
So many people get stuck in a hair rut, or conversely feel the need to follow hair trends – veering away from styles that work for them because a new trend is on the rise or trying styles that don’t work for a variety of reasons (work/time/you have a toddler/it takes a ton of maintenance).  
Make friends with your stylist!


Haircut two, snapped at home after sleeping on it, the morning after hosting a big dinner party. Pretty much no-styling-required.

They don’t just commiserate with you when you’re having a bad hair day. They fix it. No fuss. Or in this case, total Fuss.

Check them out online, or visit their Toronto boutique salon in Leslieville. Also, for those of you who aren’t just interested in a pretty space/face, they have super progressive policies like their gender neutral pricing, described in the article below.

 Length VS. Gender

Dear Valued Fuss Clients,

We are posting this to let you know about a change at Fuss that will take place in the new year.

For a while Stacey & myself have been struggling with an issue, one of inequality. It has always existed within the beauty industry.

After careful consideration and many emails from you, we are making an adjustment. We are very proud to join in with those salons that have already made these advances and feel this is more along the lines of who we are.

On January 1st 2015 Fuss Hair Studio will be changing the prices of our haircuts. No longer to reflect your Gender but rather the length of your hair.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support.

Kristin & Stacey


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